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Handmade Pull Handle

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With a dull, natural texture of iron as it is, it fits into the space. The handle is convenient because it can be attached even in a small space. It can be attached not only to doors, but also to shelves, drawers, and box handles. It's as easy as screwing it in, and it can be easily installed even for DIY beginners.

  • 0.31" × 1.38" × 4.9"
  • wipe clean 
  • screws included

Made in India

Iron product note: although the surface is coated, it does not necessarily mean that it will not rust. If you use it in a place exposed to rain or in a place with shallow eaves, rust may gradually occur.

Brass product note:  pre-drilling holes is required before brass screws are screwed in. Brass screws can strip or break if a hole is not pre-drilled. 


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