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At Rug & Weave we are fortunate to spend a lot of time in some beautiful homes. These spaces allow us to stage our products, and in turn deliver jaw dropping photographs of a few of our favorite pieces from our shop. A home we find ourselves returning to again and again belongs to Sophia of LemonTree + Co. Interiors. Sophia is an Interior Designer based out of Elora, Ontario, and her home is the perfect canvas to reflect the uniqueness of our products. For over a decade Sophia has been transforming spaces into swoon-worthy, inspiring works of art that reflect the personalities of the people who inhabit them. Her style and taste truly withstand the test of time, and she has a knack for thrifting and reworking old pieces into a modern aesthetic. We sat down with her to pick her brain about design, inspiration, curating for the modern home, and what she loves about our brand!

Sophia’s work can be found at www.lemontreeandco.com, and @lemontree_interiors on instagram. Follow her for design inspiration, and to brighten up your feed!


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