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Up Close and Personal with Kassandra Dekoning

February 25, 2019 4 min read

Up Close and Personal with Kassandra Dekoning

Recently styling in the home of Kassandra Dekoning was definitely a dream come true. Her home, nestled in the Southern Ontario country side just outside of Waterloo, is the perfect oasis and place to feel grounded. Kassandra designed and styled the home herself, and we are so impressed with her vision and its execution. As a wife and a mother of three, Kassandra has considered every little thing regarding how her family will live in this gorgeous space: from how the bedrooms are laid out to organizational and storage solutions, she’s made sure the space is liveable, warm, inviting, and reflects the most important things about her personality and the personality of her family. From the vaulted ceilings, the views of the surrounding countryside, and the creative styling of her newborn’s nursery, we’re absolutely blown away by this original, breathtaking family home that continues to evolve as we speak. We couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to chat with Kassandra to find out exactly what goes into creating this type of space.

picture of living room from above with high ceilings

vintage rug in a modern living room

What were your top considerations when building and designing your home?

We wanted to have useful space, essentially no wasted space. We also wanted a home that our family would grow into and that would work when it was just my husband and I later in life! For example, our bedroom is located on the main floor, with three bedrooms upstairs. Also, making sure there is enough space to host families and friends was important.

Plus, kitchen design and layout are everything… where is the heart of the home? Focus on making that space the best for your needs!

picture of a kitchen with vintage rug

 How do your design choices relate to your young and bustling family?

I like to keep things simple and clutter free. This makes things easier to clean and organize with small kids running around! Less is more… also living this way means less things for the kids to break and ruin haha. We live more on the minimal side. I love to get rid of things that we don’t use or need and to be more intentional with what we bring into our home. It keeps our minds clutter free and focused too.

As far as design aesthetic, I prefer clean lines, and neutral/natural elements that are kid friendly. I’ve always taught my kids from a young age to be respectful of the things in our home (or in anyone’s home). It also teaches them to take better care of their own belongings and to tidy up after themselves.

living room with vintage rug and unique home decor

 How would you describe your taste, what's your aesthetic motto?

 Your home should reflect you and your family. We like to be intentional with what we choose to bring into our home—filling our home with the things we love is always best. It takes time to collect the things you love though, so sometimes we need to be patient and wait for those special items that tell a story and complete a certain area of our home. I believe everything in your home should have a spot or intentional place instead of stuffed in a random drawer or closet.

 I’m a huge fan of warm but contemporary/modern design. Both my husband Brent and I grew up in the country so these elements just fit in with our style. For example, we love natural elements like wood and plants! It livens up the home.

kitchen with bar stools and kitchen island

 What's your favourite colour palette, and your favourite room in the house?

Black, white, and wood accents—you can never go wrong and they're always classic and timeless. In terms of the room, definitely our kitchen/living room!

kitchen with bar stools and kitchen island

 What advice would you give to someone designing their own home for the first time?

I would advise them to think long term, and try not to be too trendy unless it’s an easy change out. Try to gather all your inspiration and see what the common theme is, and also, take your time! Envision yourself walking through your home, and make sure to measure every single thing!

bathroom with soaker tub and stand up shower

bathroom with his and hers sinks

 How has the switch to country living impacted your design choices?

We planned to have our mudroom and laundry room combined for all the outdoor activities, like mud and snow! We also thought it was important to have a home office for my husband in case of snow days. Also, using the garage to actually park our cars instead of filling it with more stuff (junk) was a big one.

bedroom with tv, sideboard, and window

 What’s the next project on the list?

Where to begin! To name a few: barn doors for the pantry, pantry shelves, pouring our outdoor patio and walkways this spring/summer, and focusing on creating our outdoor patio as those warmer months approach.

 What’s on your home wish-list? 

I always love switching things up with rugs and pillows to make a space feel new and refreshed! We’re definitely planning on a new table and chairs, and a sideboard. We’ll also need patio furniture for hosting friends and family, and relaxing outdoors.

  “I like to make our home reflect us as a family, and I make design choices most of the time off of what I really like! I of course keep my kids in mind, but don’t allow myself to be limited because of our kids! However, their bedrooms are an area that they are able to be creative with... but to be honest, our boys (like my husband) don't really care what colour their bed sheets are!”

nursery with flowers

master bedroom with boho feel

You can follow Kassandra via her personal blog, and also @kassandradekoning to stay up to date with everything this talented woman is up to!


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