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Rug Sizing Guide

August 24, 2021 2 min read

Rug Sizing Guide

One of our most asked questions is how to size a rug for a room. It's a good one, and there are some tried and true answers. Here are our tips below for landing that expertly styled look, without the doubt!

For living rooms:

  • make sure all front legs of major furniture are at least 6" on the rug.
  • the edge of the rug should be lined up with a focal point in the room ie. edge of bookcase, edge of wall or doorway, etc.
  • for a cozy, cohesive look, you can place all furniture within the rug to tie the room together

We recommend an 8' x 10' for most living rooms. For larger rooms, you can get away with an 8' x 10' or 9' x 12'.


For dining rooms:

  • ensure you have at least 4-6' of rug beyond the edges of your table so chairs won't be half on half off when pulled out
  • make sure you have 1 foot of floor around the perimeter of your rug
  • depending on the size of your table, typical sizes are 6' x 9',  8' x 10' or 9' x 12'.
  • we also have some styles available in round sizes for circular tables.


For bedrooms:

Queen Bed: 

  • make sure your rug doesn’t extend the nightstands.
  • ideally, the rug should have at least 8" of space on the sides of the bed
  • we recommend a 8' x 10' for a queen bed

    King Bed:

    • make sure the rug extends the bed by at least 1 foot.
    • the bigger the rug, the more open & large the room will feel
    • we recommend a 9' x 12' or 8' x 10' for a king bed


    For runners:

    • we suggest low pile, vintage or wool rugs for high traffic areas like kitchens, mudrooms and entryways
    • for long, galley kitchens, we recommend a 2'6 x 7'6 or 2'6 x 9'6 runner.
    • if you're looking for a smaller rug for in front of the sink, we recommend a 2'0 x 5'0 or 2'3 x 3'9 rug.


    For offices & smaller spaces:

    • we suggest a 4' x 6' or 5' x 8' for smaller spaces.
    • for an office, the rug should be large enough that all chair legs are on the rug when the chair is pulled out.


    For outdoor spaces:

    • similar to living room sizing, all front legs of your outdoor furniture should be at least 6' on your rug.
    • we suggest a 100% polypropylene rug for patios or decks, as they can withstand the elements

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