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Our sit down with Sophia Reay

January 12, 2019 4 min read

Our sit down with Sophia Reay

At Rug & Weave we are fortunate to spend a lot of time in some beautiful homes. These spaces allow us to stage our products, and in turn deliver jaw dropping photographs of some of our favourite pieces from our shop. A home we find ourselves returning to again and again belongs to Sophia of Lemontree + Co. Interiors. Sophia is an interior designer based in Elora, Ontario, and her home is the perfect canvas to reflect the uniqueness of our products. For over a decade Sophia has been transforming spaces into swoon-worthy, inspiring, works of art that reflect the personalities of the people who inhabit them. Her style and taste truly withstand the test of time, and she has a knack for thrifting and reworking old pieces into a modern aesthetic. We sat down with her to pick her brain about design, inspiration, curating for the modern home, and what she loves about our brand!

gorgeous Persian rug in modern, big windowed, living room.

R&W. What are some of the current trends you are seeing in 2018 interior design?

S. I find out what the trends for the upcoming year are the same way everybody else does - via social media and blogs :) French stoves like La Cornue are everywhere right now, as well as light oak cabinetry, statement tile floors, matte black hardware and plumbing fixtures.  The things that are trending for my personal style right now are black exteriors, copper anything in the kitchen, and handmade pottery; I’m collecting pieces like they are going extinct. I also seem to be collecting all of Rug and Weave’s rugs! Haha, I just can’t help myself.

R&W. How would you describe your approach to interior design, and where did your passion for design begin?

S.My family moved around a lot when I was young, and because of this we didn’t have many things to fill a home with.  In spite of this, my Mom managed to make each house we lived in feel like a home. She added simple little touches like hand picked flowers in a drinking glass, or she’d pin a beautiful piece of fabric behind a bed to act as a makeshift headboard.  I was aware then how little things can feel like the big things. My approach isn’t much different than hers. Maximize the good, minimize the not so good.

R&W. Where do you turn to for style inspiration in your home, and when consulting others about their home?

S. Amber Lewis is hands down my favourite interior designer, so I’m all over her social media account.  That girl nails it Every. Damn. Time. I’m also pretty obsessed with Nam Dang-Mitchell’s work.

picture of midcentury modern. loungers and huge vintage Heriz in red

R&W. How has your design style evolved since you started, and what are some of the elements that have stayed the same throughout?

S. I’m using more modern elements, shapes and proportions in the architecture of a room than I ever have.  I’ve always styled with warm, natural, imperfect pieces and I don’t think I could change that even if I tried.

R&W. Tell me about some of the pieces in your home that you can’t live without.

S.There’s an old cupboard that I’ve had with me for years, I’ve named him Henry.  He’s been a pantry in my kitchen, a china cabinet in my Dining Room, and now he’s a linen cupboard in my Upper Hallway.  The pieces that can be multi purposed, and look good in any room, are keepers. More recently, I found a pair of walnut, mid century loungers on Kijiji that are kind of a big deal around here these days.

R&W. What do you think makes a look or object ‘timeless’

 S. Nature.  The closest you can stick to nature, the more timeless your space will be.  Nature doesn’t follow trends, it’s colours change seasonally but they’re the same every year.  I always design with nature in mind. I try to use natural elements like wood and stone, earthy colours, and an overload of texture.  Black, white, and wood are the basics of every timeless space.

bedroom with moroccan pompom blanket dangling on end

R&W. What are some of your current favourite pieces in our shop?

S.How much time do you have? :)  Your rugs are what bring me back every time but lately I’ve been crushing on your glazed ceramic tumblers, and of course your sabra silk pillows!  I also have the walnut tablet and phone stand that get’s daily use and looks beautiful on it’s own, sitting on my island.

R&W. Do you have any advice for styling them?

S. Yes.  Bring them home, put them anywhere, drop the mike.  Seriously though, Rug and Weave’s latest arrivals pair so well with modern style, boho style, beach style and vintage style.  Bold patterns are offset by a monochromatic and muted colour scheme, making them incredibly versatile. The Moroccan Pom Pom blanket looks equally good at the foot of the bed, as it does used as a table cloth for an impromptu dinner under the stars.

dining room with large Turkish rug and vintage decor

R&W. What are your thoughts on styling vintage and modern, mixing antique with new? How does one pull this off!

S. I love this look!  Vintage adds warmth to Modern, and Modern adds simplicity and sophistication to Vintage.  What better combination is there than warmth, simplicity and sophistication? At least it’s a close tie for warm homemade bread and butter.

R&W. What kind of feeling do you hope to create when styling a home?  

S. In one word, HOME.  It’s not so much about what that looks like, it’s about how it functions for you, and how it feels to you.  If you can get those things sorted out first, then what you bring in to that space will only enhance that.

Sophia's work can be found at www.lemontreeandco.com and also hereon Instagram. Follow her for design inspiration and to brighten up your feed.

Our sit down with Sophia Reay

Our sit down with Sophia Reay

Our sit down with Sophia Reay

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