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Home is Where the Heart is

March 20, 2020 3 min read

Home is Where the Heart is

Home is where the heart is.... and it's also where we're finding ourselves spending all of our time as of late! With efforts to social distance, the threat of a global pandemic on our doorstep, and many working from home, home  has begun to take on a whole new meaning.

It's hard to stay optimistic in times of uncertainty, but we like to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you're an introverted homebody, extroverted socialite, or entrepreneurial busy bee, now's the opportunity to indulge in the little creature comfort and make your space truly feel like a safe haven. It's also the time for much needed DIY's, planning that master bedroom renovation, and curating an assortment of eco-friendly cleaning supplies and products in the kitchen. Play around with your furniture layout, upgrade that old bathmat, wallpaper and paint away. Your home is your canvas.

Below we've conjured up some strategies (and products too!) that will bring you comfort, joy, keep you occupied, and add a little bit of much needed eye candy as you pass the time indoors!

image of living room with Beni Ourain rug


get up on the right side of the bed
your morning start totally sets the tone for the day, so let's rise like the sun: boldly, slowly, and with intention. pour a cup of your favourite coffee into a handmade mug, turn on the news, get the eggs frying, and open the window for some fresh air. or simply pull the bedcovers over your head, hit snooze, and let yourself have that much needed extra half hour. slow down, be mindful. 

    handmade mug by Shayna Stevenson 
    Brushstrokes Mug by Shayna Stevenson
Bhujodi throw
Bhujodi Throw

keep your mind occupied, thinking, and learning

set an intention, big or small! look around your home, what do you want to do today, what things need to be accomplished, what things have you been wanting to do that you now suddenly have time for? maybe you've wanted to learn a new skill, finally read that cook book that's been collecting dust, watch youtube videos on renovating your bathroom and replace the fixtures. seize the day and dream big!

fog towel bars

Iron Towel Bar
brass scooped hook
Brass Scooped Hooks

practice self-care, and connection

there's always time to show yourself some love. run a bath, give yourself a pedicure, light a candle or a dozen! these rituals of self-care help us connect with our mind, body, and spirit in a world that's constantly in motion. with so many natural and eco-friendly apothecary items available, you can feel good about keeping the planet clean while you scrub up!

knot and weave bathmat

Knot & Weave Cotton Bathmat 

apothecary items

Apothecary Collection

Wednesday & rose artist candle

The Artist by Wednesday & Rose
The Artist by Wednesday & Rose
Bath Towels & Accessories

style & play with your home decor

maybe one of our favourite ways to keep occupied and feel cozy in our home is to switch things up (funny coincidence, we know!) whether you want to move the couch to the south facing wall, rearrange your mantle decor, curate a magazine-worthy coffee table, or throw a throw (haha) into the mix with your couch setup, it can be really satisfying and fun to play house!

woven carry baskets

Woven Carry Baskets

ceramic jug

Ceramic Jug with Cork Stop

wood decor beads

Decor Beads with Tassel

cook a brand new meal & spruce up the kitchen

everyone has taken to the kitchen these past few days, and are whipping up some truly delicious meals! cooking is an amazing way to connect with your family, teach the little ones a new skill, and feel satisfaction on every level imaginable. with conversation flowing, sauce sizzling, and music swaying, here's some of our kitchen favs.

fog linen kitchen towels

Heavyweight Linen Cloths

kitchen accessories

Kitchen Accessories Collection

no tax life dishwashing block

No Tox Dishwashing Bar

be outside, be present, be gentle 

yes, despite any myths, you can still go outside. we've been spending a lot of time going on nature walks, running, playing with the dog, and breathing in the much needed fresh air! a little bit of outdoors time can go a long way, but so too can surrounding yourself with things you love in your home. we hope everyone is taking the time to connect with family, friends, and neighbours, and using this time as a humble reminder for the things we have to be grateful for.

that's all for now!
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