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The Office

April 01, 2021 2 min read

The Office

Working from home has become a reality for many of us around the world. Some of us are finding this change fits perfectly into our life style, while some of us are still adjusting. We'd like to share with you some ideas of how to create a productive and comfortable space. 

Of course the key components for a home office are a desk and chair. Your chair should offer strong lower back support and allow your feet to sit level on the floor. Sometimes comfort and posture can feel like opposites, but that doesn't have to be the case. Finding a quality chair with intelligent craftsmanship is how you will find both comfort and posture in one chair. 

Every desk needs lighting - it could be a desk lamp, floor lamp or even a stylish pendent light. Anything to keep your work space well lit while you work. 

If you're working in a smaller room, adding a mirror, or mirrors can help open up the room and give the feeling of more space. 

Lets get into styling - Finding a colour palette is fun! Often we find ourselves decorating our office with light colours in hopes to brighten up our space. White washing everything isn't always the solution to this. Creating depth and contrasting colours is actually the key to help open up and brighten spaces. An example of this could be creating an accent wall, or even our favourite thing .. textiles! A darker pillow, rug or even curtains. 

Clearing out clutter and adding appropriate organization is a MUST! Our desks tend to end up with stacks of papers and sticky notes. Giving those stacks of papers a home like a wire basket is a simple solution to keeping your work space tidy and organized. 

Incorporate plants of course, this brings some life into your work space! Even a low maintenance house plant in a unique pot can bring that spark you might be missing. If your lucky enough to have a window in your office, plant some bulbs in a pot by your window and watch them grow as your work!

A candle on your desk is a great way to keep all your senses awake while you work, who doesn't want their office to smell amazing! Simple things like a nice stapler, pens or a fresh notebook are great ways to help spark inspiration and motivation. 



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